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Turning a dream into plan

1st November 2015 - 9 min read

It’s finally official. 
Yesterday I filed my letter of resignation to my current work (TH). I have been quite and rather keep it secrets about the whole situations.

All started with thinking, making dreams and questioning in which direction I want to go, turning a dream into a plan, a plan to reality.

12 months ago, I know I will work for the company not too long, then continue another year elsewhere for the sake of experience.

6-8 months ago, I know I want to do something that matters, something more valuable and meaningful for me, but I don’t know what, where, when and how

5-6 months ago, I have got more ideas about what to do in life. I want to create a business that is sustainable in terms of helping other people. Not only meaningful for me, but also rewarding because it’s meaningful for other people who receive the helps they need too. Certainly, came after that, I set a goal to work somewhere else that has the same vision and mission as how I determine what is importance in a corporate. Or rather, not a corporation, but also an organization. So that I can learn about passions and to be part of the growth or developing processes until they get to a peak point. I don’t how, where and what. But I know when.

4 months ago, I talked to a colleague of mine about my plan and she immediately remembered about one company that has the exact same ideas with what I have. The company is called TOMS. They sell shoes (and a lot of other things as well), and their business model is ONE FOR ONE. You purchase one, and someone in the other side will be given the shoes to go to school. That’s perfect for, same goal, and has the same background as me (in fashion area, more or less, although that’s obviously not what they aim for). Thereafter, I looked it up on the internet and I told myself that day ‘I HAVE TO WORK FOR THIS COMPANY’. It’s definitely a process, because then I didn’t only know the when but I also found what and where. But still, I don’t know how…..

3 months ago, I live my life just like as if I will work for the company in the ‘when’ that I have chosen. end of this year or beginning of next year. I bought the shoes (well technically, I gave a hint to my best friends to give me these pair as my bday gift) 😛 I learnt about the company on youtube, I read a lot of articles about what have they done, I watched the interview of the founder, Blake Mycooskie, really bright inspirational man by the way, I bought the book also ‘Something that matter’ that was written by Blake himself to encourage people doing something similar like TOMS, I placed TOMS sticker on the mirror in my bedroom. I believe in the law of attraction.
I checked on their vacancy, there was only 1 job available. Something that qualifies the candidates to work 3-5 years in the field. Not me at all. So I refused to apply. After implementing the law of attraction in my life, I began thinking ‘it’s no harmful to try applying’. So I did.
For  a month…. Heard nothing.  And I surrender….
Until one day, my phone was ringing during the quite working hours. I decided not to pick up, but then I received voicemail not so long after. Guess what? TOMS invited me for an interview !!!! That really made my day. Never did I thought I would make it to that point.
I went for the interview… then I went for a holiday right after words, so that again, I was not setting any expectations to get the job. Again, I surrender….

1,5 months ago, I received another voicemail from them inviting me for the 2nd interview. Never did I thought, I would be called for the first interview, let alone the second. So I went there, feeling happy to have this experience. My heart whispered to get the job, but I tried to surrender. Just being myself and being honest. The job is not important, anything can be learnt. But the organization you work and stand for are important, because that defines what value you have. This was when I think I knew how.. to be honest and be myself during the interview, showing my genuine interest to contribute to the company.

And yes, that’s it. I got the job 🙂 Too many ‘coincidence’ happened during the process. For instance, the supply chain director happened to work at Mexx and Tommy Hilfiger in the past, same path as me. They have a yoga class on Wednesday, which I love. They have a shoe drop program which will allow to have a trip in the 3rd world country, which I really want. Things just fall to the right places and I am very grateful about it. Coincidence and lucks only occur to the chosen people, people who strive, have a strong belief on their self and work hard

Small handwriting postcard can touch a heart. Really personal 🙂

Resignation has not been easy especially I am at the point where I very much comfortable with what I am doing as well as the team. But I also find it dangerous, because I need to keep on challenging myself and I need to develop myself. And comfort at this age will not get me there…..

Jack Ma once said that it’s important to work in a big company and has a good manager, thereafter you shall work in a smaller company to learn and be part of the process in getting it bigger. Then, you’re ready to make your own company because you see things from different dimensions. And I am on my way there… Proudly and graciously.

Salary and position at the end does not matter so much. TH tried to keep me and they actually had something planned for my future as well. As tempting as it sounds, I still prefer to move to TOMS even though it means that i will not be secure anymore by the fact that I have to start over again with contract whilst in TH I am already with indefinite. It’s quite challenging, but I feel good about myself 🙂 I can’t wait.

If everything is meant to be it will be, but not when you don’t make plan, don’t realize that setting goals is essentials, and certainly not when you do not walk your life conciously because then you’ll never be ready with any opportunity opens in front of you.

There is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief, not mere hope or wish, openminded-ness is essential in creating a belief.’ 

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