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Weekend of challenges

11th November 2015 - 5 min read

My weekend started with a challenge to respond to a good offer from my current company in an attempt to keep me. It happened on Thursday, something that I did not see coming. Thus practically, ever since that meeting, my mind was bothered to take everything into consideration. A big decision. Probably one of the biggest in my life. It’s challenging me in the extent of what my initial purpose was and what I was looking for.
It’s highly tempting considering I had questioned and assumed about where to go in this position. Until I was at the point when I know I have to turn myself to the direction that I always want to be in. My questions were answered lately, I would have gotten a promotion If I would stay. No matter how I was so sure about moving to TOMS, certainly as a human being, I was a little jolted. A battle within.I asked my managers to give me sometimes to think and take everything into consideration. I do not want to regret anything in my life, I want to make my own choice consciously and with no time constrain as a pressure. I promised them to return on Monday with a fix answer.I was super flattered and happy because the offer shows how they appreciate my work performance and what I have done for the team and the company. I can’t stop appreciating it!

It was uneasy. I made pros and cons, I talked to a couple of people whom I trust, my family, Damar, and my best friends. I am really grateful that I have such loving and supportive surroundings. They help me clearing out my thinking process. They know me well enough to give wise advise.
It’s a total battle between heart and brain. My brain thinks about the title I’d have and how much money I would earn. In theory, this battle should be easy, but it is not. I still needed the time to understand what I really wanted. In the decision making, I was learning not to take  money as the first priority, if possible even not taking it at all. That is what I did.  If I had stayed, I would have faced the same issue again, same people, same environment again. I would have burned the bridges to TOMS forever, I would have wasted my 1 year to wonder how it was to work for TOMS which at the end would never happen. I signed the contract and that’s the accountability I needed to take. A commitment. I needed to go back to the initial objective of me dreaming to work for TOMS in the first place. It’s because their business model and their visions. I am excited working for TOMS more than staying. A colleague of mine gave a good advise that I will remember ‘You have to think for how you want to see myself in 3 or 5 years  and not only for tomorrow or a month from now’.

I used the whole weekend to think about it and justify myself. In the meantime, I unlocked my running challenge. I fulfilled my promise of this month, run for 10 K at least. I was proud of myself considering running is not my preference sport. But if everybody else can do it, I can also do it. And I proved that theory. I signed the whole family up! It was super nice to know the people you love are around you and having the same goal as you. Getting to the finish line of 10K together.

So I took the decision. I had to turn my current company down and I continue with TOMS. Once again, I fulfilled my resolution of the year and commitment that I made.

Dreams don’t work unless you make it happen!!

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