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Cherry Blossom Amsterdam, Netherlands

3rd April 2017 - 4 min read

My most favorite season of the year has arrived. YES! The spring has sprung! The weather was amazing last Sunday and we decided to bike through Amsterdam for 16,9 km to Amsterdamse Bos (in which actually not located in Amsterdam, but Amstelveen). We were planning to meet up with my sister and her family and also some friends to have a little picnic under cherry blossom. In the Netherlands, when the weather forecast states that the weather will be nice, everybody starts making plan and do some outing on that day. Well, it says a lot how I have become Dutch more and more 😛

I have been here once in 2015 and I was mesmerized by its beauty. I have not been to Japan before, but I got a quite good taste about its Cherry blossom park! Absolutely will make my own way to Japan for another-level experience.

The cherry trees in this section were donated by Japanese Women Club in the year 2000. In total there are 400 trees. They are individually named, 200 of which are Japanese names and the rest of Dutch’s women names. The park it self is very simple. It has a path in the middle dividing the section into two. In the middle, it has an round altar. In between the trees you can have a picnic, lay down, and enjoy the scenery. Apparently, it is a Japanese tradition to have a picnic under a blossoming cherry tree with your family. The cherry blossom (Sakura) represents a new beginning, but also refers to the transience of life. You can enjoy the trees blossoming on the spring (March – April). If there are no hard win and rain, the flower will last longer. Otherwise the wind will easily blow them away.

As it will normally be fully bloom for 2 weeks, every weekend is full with people. Thus, it is a little difficult to find a good spot or to take pictures without people in the background. But well….. we did it and enjoyed the picnic with some proper Indonesian food 🙂


From Amsterdam Centraal Station:

You can take bus to Amstelveen for approximately 1 hour ride.Untitled


It’s totally worth our one way 2 hours bike journey.

Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5


Check out the Video for a better taste 🙂

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