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Meet him part 3. Important whys – END

27th December 2015 - 3 min read

Continued from Meet him and  Meet him part 2

Often people say that you do not need reasons to love someone. But according to me, that is not entirely true. I had it, and I failed because I lost respect at some point. So this time, I wanted to use a lot of my brains and part of my heart. Love is something, but it is not everything. I do believe this would come naturally by the time when the reasons to be with him/her is right.

Here are some of my considerations that I thought thoroughly during the 1 month silence time. And this also was used for him to figure out why at the end I was sure.

  • Everything is easy with him – at some point of my life, I realize that a real relationship does take effort, but it does not take work. They are 2 different things.
  • Sitting down for 3 hours with him feels like 5 minutes – we have a basic understanding to each other. Discussions did not turn to arguments. I did not talk to him because I wanted to win or wanted to be heard, instead because I simply wanted to share (and because he is an excellent listener, as well 🙂 )
  • Our core values are the same – for me, this is really important. I am at the point that I know myself and my value very well. I know what are truly important for me. And this is why I know why he’s right for me.
  • My closest friends (not all, but so far) like him. And I am sure my family will do too. They are not me, but they have pretty good idea of who I am. My friends immediately think we are a good match. And to me, that’s a wonderful sign.
  • He makes me (even more) willing to be a better person everyday. Being with him is motivated. He drags me further, not down, not backwards.
  • I have reached the “comfortable silence”. In my opinion, it’s pretty rare to reach this stage in the beginning of a relationship. But with him, I got it right a way. I feel like he’d understand and accept me without I even had to try to hard to talk and explain. When I am around him, I know that everything will be just fine. That is how reliable he is….

And ultimately,  I think I realize that I no longer look for the definition of love. Because love is him.

For that I will take chances. For that I will take risks.


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