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Tommy Christmas Party / Farewell

19th December 2015 - 4 min read

There is always an end after the beginning.

I finally closed my chapter in Tommy and ready to move on to a new adventure. There has been ups and downs during my time in Tommy until now they have been part of my life and family. But of course all the memories will remain. A fond memory……

My Tommy chapter was closed in the same time as the Christmas party which every year has always been held in the most fun way possible. The theme this year is Spain party. Amsterdam RAI hall was magically transformed to a bull arena. The flamenco dancers were even be the part of the entertainment.

I had a little bit mixed feeling because it was my last day. I did not have any expectation about farewell, gifts or any such thing. But what I received was out of expectations. My manager, was secretly observing me and being super thoughtful. He knows me very well. He initiated the gift of a trip voucher, with contribution of others of course. What could have been better than that! But the gift was small compared to all the memories I have collected. My mind flew back to Feb 2014, my first day. I had never known what to expect, and again what I received was out of expectations. Not only had I had experiences, but I found a family.

My manager has cold and difficult personality, he literally hates everyone. Therefore, by the fact that he thought about arranging a gift for me, was captivating me. Not only that, he also delivered a very sweet speech. Not cheesy sweet, but sweet in his own way. He said that once there were only darkness, then there came some lights (read: me). He was sorry that they tried anything to keep me but nothing worked.  But he said he’s proud of me that I followed my heart. I left because of principle, and principle leads to a character. The last ones mean a lot to me….

I thanked God that I am blessed with these experiences and these people.

The following are pictures that sum up the night (to remember)

IMG_3398 IMG_3303IMG_3397IMG_3374IMG_3312IMG_3362 IMG_3406[1] IMG_3405[1] IMG_3358 IMG_3404[1] IMG_3346 IMG_3340


Ready for a new year and a new challenge.

Toedlooo Tommy Family!!!!!


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