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Hongkong Transit 8hours part 2 (day to night)

12th August 2016 - 7 min read

This is going to be a very late post about our transit in Hongkong for 8 hours. This time will be the continuity after previously explained about Part 1 a few months back. I still believe in the saying, “better late than never” 😛

So on our way back to Amsterdam, we had to stop over in Hongkong again as part of the ticket deal that was long awaited. This time, we landed in the late afternoon, around 14.20 pm which actually allowed us to do something we could not experience in our first visit. This time we wanted to have the different ambience in the city of Hongkong, saw the big buildings which I found much similar with Jakarta, and went to the harbour to stare the city from another point of view.

The following will show more or less our itinerary in the short time in Hongkong. Our priority was to try the culinary, take ferry and enjoy the sunset/night view of Hongkong. First thing first, we set our alarm to leave wherever we are at 21.00 to be at the airport at 22.00. Our flight was at 00.15 am, it was a quite long buffer as it was actually an easy access to go back to the airport. We needed to assure we did not let the time fly by like that haha so we had to enjoy every second, but also limited ourselves without forgetting the time (thanks to alarm!).

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-08 at 22.13.23

Just like explained in the other post about transiting in Hongkong, first thing to do was queuing the immigration and drop off the luggage in the ‘locker’. After finishing the drop off, we went to toilet, freshened up, and changed. Felt like a new person with a new spirit once cleaned. It is a must do before start exploring the city. This time we withdrew HK$700 for 2 person, which at the end, remained a lot. I still have more than HK$100 in my purse until now :/

In this second trip, we did not take the bus, but the metro instead. I must say, it’s more convenient, smooth, and faster than the bus. We headed to the city (Kowloon). The price was around HK$180 and it took 21 minutes to get into the city.


We went through a building to another building and another building trying to search for the very famous dimsum restaurant called Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Specialist, it’s a Michelin Restaurant. We expected, it was supposed to be good and very authentic. But we got lost at some point and could not find the place any more. At some point, in our disorientation, we passed through the Stanley Street where a lot of restaurants located and we also saw a restaurant that was recommended everywhere in the internet, also Michelin star. It is specialized in the roasted goose. The name is Yat Lok Roast Goose. It was pure satisfaction tasting the delicate crispness with meat and fat sinking into the juicy roast goose drum stick. YUMMY! But the turnover of the customers was so quick, thus we were there just to eat then we had to leave immediately otherwise the waitresses would look at us with an expelling eyes. Anyway, in spite of the un-coziness, the food was absolutely 5 stars.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-08 at 22.13.24 WhatsApp Image 2016-08-08 at 22.11.04 indonesian-woman-hongkong-city-beautiful-transit-8-hours indonesian-woman-transit-hongkong-city-8-hours stopover-indonesian-maurilla-woman-transit-8-hoursindonesian-hongkong-woman-transit-walk-8-hours


After fuelling our stomach, we continued walking, this time to the direction of the harbour to take Ferry. We wanted to go to the other side to catch the view on my featured image. They said, this wonderful panorama is best experienced from the water on board a Hong Kong evening harbour cruise. And they are right!

One tip: check the weather forecast. We somewhat know that it would be raining but we had no umbrella with us. Lesson learn: always bring small umbrella with you in your bag. 

We took the ferry (forgot the price!) to go to the other side. We got to see the view from TST (Tsim Sha Tsui). Every night at 8pm, we can see the Symphony of Light, where light and laser features more than 40 buildings and skyscrapers on both sides of the harbour. A lot of articles advises that this should be taking our breath away, but we did not feel it at all to be honestly saying, we barely were able to spot the lights :/ Anyway, it’s nice to get the chance experiencing it. The rain poured a little bit, so we decided to leave during the show and stopped in the small street ice cream vendors before heading back to Airport. Nice to see the kind of Asian ice cream like green tea, black bean, red bean, as I always like them. In Netherlands, those kind can only be bought in Oriental supermarket or Asian restaurants. Not common at all.

It was a nice short trip which actually was considered as our mini honeymoon 😛

I recommended if you have the chance to do the stop over to enjoy the city a little bit.

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