Flash back…. Departing day to Turkey

20th September 2011 - 3 min read
I just want to forget for a minute the sad thing has happened to me and family recently. And I want to start cheering up myself and give a glimpse flashback of my-self-departing experience to Istanbul.
Vienna, Austria
25th of September
‘Separation might be tough for 2 human in love’
I’m sitting in this small waiting gate holding 1 medium hand luggage and carrying this huge back pack.
The atmosphere in this room is normal, but my heart and mind are flying elsewhere. The feeling is between grateful that I happen to encounter this new experience, to be getting to know some complete strangers, and blabla, and anxiety which attacks me hardly, the questions of ‘what if, how if…..’ are coming unstoppably in my brain cells. It has been there every second this pass 2 weeks.
This might be only 5 months exchange that for some people would not make a big deal out of.
But for me it’s different, when I have to leave my bf that I always see in my daily life, when I have to get out of my comfort zone that settled-up in NL.
But that’s the art of life changing with its dynamics, up and down, excited and anxious, happy and sad. That’s life entirely..
What’s life without changing ? stagnant, empty, nothing…
Life changing is a process to find my self, get to know more about my true colour, and a beautiful way to build my own personality.
So I decide, to only concern about my happy and excited feeling!!!
I should make the fullest of this experience.
Wish me luck !!!

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