3rd December 2011 - 3 min read

Everyone is coming to visit me in Turkey. So happy, Alhamdulillah…

This time will be minus my brother and his wife. But well, nothing I can do. I am grateful enough to be able to gather in such new country for us, Turkey.
It’s unplanned journey but somehow they all will encounter here with different departure-arrival dates. Couldn’t be happier.
However, I currently have a guest. She is the daughter of my house-parents here. She’s such a nice lady….
We went all the way down to Taksim square, Blue mosque (Sultan Ahmet), Hagia Sophia, Eminonu and Grand Bazaar.
pssst she doesn’t like Turk Salata (Turkish Salad). I assume, most of Indonesian would not like it. It’s just vegetables poured by lemonade, salt, pepper, olive oil, and that’s it. But I like it thou :p I think my tongue has been turned into European.

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