About Me





I am a 20-something years old Indonesian petite lady who loves getting lost and figuring out the mystery of life by living everyday to the fullest. I moved to the Netherlands ever since I graduated from high school. And that is where I have been leaving my heart and lots of footsteps in my development as a human being. For me, life is all about enthusiasm, passions and devotion. Wherever the place is, I make sure I open my eyes widely, see+listen to surroundings, think and walk consciously. That way, I absorb much more life lessons. Lessons that make me who I am today.

This blog is called traveler because I am passionate about traveling. Not only referring to a new holiday destination, but also a journey everyday that are involving struggles and hard work to find the truest passions and to achieve my dreams. My deepest passion and ultimate happiness is to help and inspire other people. And hopefully this will be a journal for me getting there.

Oh and I am the travel buddy of Damar Tri Anggoro.

I love reading non-fictional books, buying flowers plants for myself, and writing-scratching the goals I make for myself tomorrow and everyday.

ps. This blog is intended for myself today, tomorrow, in the future, and forever.