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Transit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

8th October 2017 - 7 min read

A few months back, Damar and I went to Indonesia for the wedding of his brother. Actually we did not plan to come due to my limited holiday at the office and the high flight season. But then we changed our mind. You can earn money but no family memory, I believe. And therefore, we kept it easy going and looked for the cheapest options. The selected flight went to a combo of KLM – Malaysian Airlines which required a transit in Kuala Lumpur. I felt somewhat more excited because I had not stepped my feet on Malaysia before. And obviously the cheapest one required a long amount of transit in the Airport (16 hours!!). So we could go out and take a peek in the city. Off we went!!

The airport is very big and modern. The only way to get you connected from KLIA and KLIA2 is an aerotrain (airport facility). Follow the sign or ask the friendly staff, you will get yourself there very easily. KLIA is for the Malaysian airlines and International – national flight while KLIA2 is more for the budget/carrier flights. We ended up in KLIA and stayed there.

Visa or no Visa

If you remain staying within the Airport, check the detail in here. As Indonesians, we obviously do not need visa to enter Malaysia. However, you might do. Check out the list of countries that need visa here, especially when you want to take a look outside.

Place to sleep

There are different places for you to spend the night. Overall there are a bunch of chairs and benches you can choose. That is actually what we decided to do. Many travelers recommended avoiding KLIA2 overnight, the main terminals have more options. The food court on the 2nd floor is pretty quiet, many travelers try to sleep here. We decided to go there for having a bite (actually a big bowl of noodles) at 11.00 pm just right before it closed down. Actually in general, all the places are quiet after 00.00 because that is when the stores close. For uninterrupted sleep, there is a transit hotel and sleep pods inside the airport and several hotels near the airport. See Airport Hotels list.

What to bring

If you decide to sleep in the airport, Eye shades, socks and blanket is a must! We were lucky because our airline provided us with a few of those equipment. The light in the airport is pretty bright and for those who need darkness, nothing would do but a proper eye shades.

Other than that, toiletries, towel and clothes change are obviously needed, but we all would know that.

I would exchange money in the ATM machine before anything.

What to do in Kuala Lumpur city the next day

The next day we started at 5 am and took a shower in one of the shower room there. Damar did but I just freshened up instead 😉 We went to KLIA2 and left our baggage over there. You can choose to be put in a locker or just to drop off (kept in a big room). I recommend to take the locker if you have valuable belongings. As it is time sensitive, you should already plan where to go beforehand, we used the night before with free WIFI to do a small research. We do not want to waste the time where we can enjoy the city, do we? Our next flight was at 13.30 in the afternoon, thus the goal was to already back in the airport at 12.30.

We took a bus to get ourselves to KL Central. The bus was enjoyable, with AC and free WIFI inside. Once I went out of the airport, I felt the breeze of Asian life already. Life starts super early over there and the dynamic is just oh feel a lot like home. It took 1 hour to KL central and once we were in the KL Central we transferred to another transportation. We took the green line because we wanted to have Nasi Lemak as breakfast. Checked lots of different sites, we wanted the famous one and also located in the middle of our way to Batu Cave. Yes, that is our ultimate destination! The selection dropped to Nasi Lemak Mak Wanjor atau Mak Wonjo! It made our morning and we continued our journey to  by commuter. It took 25 minutes to get there.

No entrance fee and just enjoyed the time there. Put alarm on when you should take the tram back to Sentral.

Transit in Kuala Lumpur

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Activity Price Details
Late Dinner in the airport 20 RM
Baggage drop off 40 RM in Medium-sized locker
Bus 2 ways 20 RM
Ticket train 2 ways 4,2 RM
Breakfast Nasi Lemak mak Wanjo 10 RM
Rent Sarong in Batu Cave (if needed) 5 RM
Fresh coconut water 5 RM
Total 104,2 RM