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Yoga journey – YOGAFEST, June 6th 2015

14th June 2015 - 5 min read


I have been doing yoga for more than 2 years now. It honestly still a long journey to get to a stage that I want to. There are many ups and downs, because I am not constantly practicing. The feeling always comes and goes, but I try to always surround myself with it. I still go to yoga class in my gym at least once a week. I have tried different things in sports, but what stays with me is Yoga. For me it’s an integration between mind, body, and soul. Full package of sports.

In the extent of getting things done, I am not a type of patience girl who takes the process slowly. I feel like I always want to jump to my goal in doing poses (applies to a lot more subjects). I have realized this since day one, that’s why day by day I focus on improving this weakness, to do all my activities more soulful and walk into all the processes consciously. And for yoga, the hardest part is to be careless of how good I am (compared to other people also), and once I pass that, things get easier.

I went to Yogafest in Amsterdam on June 6th, what an event!! I feel back on track, getting all the zens and positive vibes which encourage me to start working on my pose. Especially, I experienced this together with my good good positive and inspiring friends, Cansu and Aida. Nothing better than sharing this happiness with people that I care about. Feel motivated all along!!

Talking about yoga, a few weeks ago, I have a heard a sad story which is about Muslim Organization in Indonesia claiming Yoga as ‘Haram’. Although after reading more thoroughly, it’s considered  Haram only when there’s other intentions in it besides sport. I am moslem myself, but I despise anything that uses one religion as a reason, especially when it potentially breaks relationship between one religion and others even more. If I were a Hindu, it would break my heart because Yoga is pure and very good for our mind, body, and soul. Why sharing good deeds equals with pulling someone off from their religion and convert? For me, Innamal a’malu binniyat (actions are dependent upon the intentions). So I do not really take into account. I purely want to have more focus, know my body and self more, more confident, and be healthy. It actually freshen my mind after praying.

A good thought from MJ from Boys of Yoga that suddenly crossed my path “A lot of people think yoga is like a religion, but the truth is it’s as far away as you ca nget. Religion asks you to narrow your belief; Yoga asks you to open them up”. I really love those quotes.. That’s the whole reason why I do what I do.

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First time succeeded crow pose (Bakasana), then fell down in just a bout 1 sec after the picture taken, the it went for the second time below. Much better đŸ™‚

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