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Giethoorn trip – a day before Ibnu going back for good

16th April 2015 - 5 min read

I have always been wanting to go visit Giethoorn. It’s a little village in the province Overijssel, East-Holland. It’s known as the Venice of Holland because of the fact that most of village part is water/lake. There used to be no transportation except boats, and looks like they are trying hard to keep it that way although now of course there are buses which can take us from Steenwijk (nearest big city) to Giethoorn. The disadvantage is that once you miss the bus, you will need to wait for 1 hour. Also, because Netherlands does not have the best climate habit in the whole world, it’s a little tricky to arrange a trip, because in Giethoorn, the nicest way is to rent a boat and ride it along the way under the sunshine while reading a book or even just contemplate. Imagine when it suddenly rains or wind storms, they enjoyment will stop just like a finger snaps.

Anyhow, that day was a really beautiful day, considered as one of the most beautiful day in Holland so far that I decided to take one day off. It is also because coincidentally Ibnu, one of our good friends were leaving to Indonesia for good and he also planned to go to Giethoorn that week. I guess universe really conspires when you really want something. I also brought a long my brother in this little trip, feeling good to enjoy and share happiness.

Thus here we are, in a very beautiful sunny day after travelling for 2.5 hours total. Walking through the canal, and found the second boat-rent we could find (cheaper than the 1st we saw in the entrance). We took the offer for 15 eur per boat/ hour, and we paid 30 eur as we want to chill for 2 hours to go further. Although, we ended up getting lost and near-to-death experience (AGAIN!) but this time I am exaggerated a little bit. It was actually hilarious that keeps cracking me up until this point. Fega was trying to take over the driving seat, of course we wanted everyone to experience the ‘captain’ moment. We just realized that not for once he had any experiences in taking a control of a vehicle, he can’t drive car nor motorcycle, thus he didn’t have the instinct of making the right/smooth maneuver on the lake. Not only that, but it was indeed confusing with the fact that turning right the stir means the opposite of where the engine moves. So couple of times he hit the side walk roughly but graciously, because he was so calm haha we kept on saying right right right, and he turned to left, we said reverse, he turned front (going forward, like stepping on the gas fully). Ibnu who was the frontman was couple of times almost having a heart attack, because the first person got hit will be him. But thank God we’re all okay. And we closed the day by eating a great waffle and dutch pancake.

Below pictures were all taken before the incident happened, happy faces….






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