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Wedding Series part 3 – TOMS shoes

19th March 2016 - 3 min read

For me, TOMS shoes are special. Why? It gives me an idea on what I really want to do in life, it gives me a faith that there is a possibility to help people even from the industry that has nothing to do with people in need or often it even hurts the people in need. It makes me believe that there is always a way to make a change in this world, even through the smallest thing, SHOES.

For Damar and I, TOMS are very special. Why? It took part in our love story. The first time we hung out, I told him that I was bored in my job back then. I wanted to move to a place that is different, that has meanings and gives fulfilling sensation everyday when I go to work. In the mean time I was looking and I discovered as well as learnt about TOMS existence. Second time we hung out, I said I really wanted to work for this company, I don’t know how but I said I had to work for this company. We got together, time passed by, I got at job at TOMS. He knew exactly how I felt about working at TOMS, he was the one who supported me, and kept on saying “you are amazing, you will get this job”. I know I am worth, but sometimes human being can forget and needs to be reminded. Damar is there to tell me how beautiful and smart I am. It boosted my confident for sure. I remember he gave a surprise appearance after my 2nd interview, he was there all positive and he said ‘You will get this job”. The day after, I got a call and got offered the job. TOMS takes part of our love story. TOMS also makes me believe that Damar is also a man that I was looking for, a man who keeps on reminding me on what a wonderful person I am. And I will spend the rest of my life making sure he feels the same.

That explains why I want to incorporate TOMS in my wedding a little. Not only because of the meaning for us, but also because when I buy, I will help a couple of people in need 🙂


These little shoes will be for my flower girls. 2 of my nieces (Aqila and Dina) and Damar’s niece (Aqilla).


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