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Wedding Series part 11 – Akad Nikah

16th June 2016 - 6 min read

22 May 2016

Exactly a month ago, I married a man of my dream. Everything that I was looking for to be in a person.

I never thought being married would be this great. And I guess, it is not about the marriage, rather about being married to the right person.

My thought flew to the milestone we both had a month ago.
The ceremony was started at 9 in the morning. I was preparing myself with a big help from tante Made, the woman behind Sanggar Mitapuri in Surabaya, since 5 in the morning. I love Tante Made’s dedication in transforming me to a proper Javanese bride complete with Paes (that is the black paint in my face that is continued to my hair which shows maturity and readiness to be someone’s wife). Javanese make up artist had to go through serious study and taken diploma in Javanese culture and make up. Thus they would not only do the job, but also having in-depth knowledge about every rituals in the Javanese traditions, including how to do the make up (which color of eyeshadow is allowed, etc), where to tide up the jasmine flowers, what kind of prayer she needs to do before starting to work on the bride’s face, etc. It was very sacred already starting from the make-up process.

I made the request from the test period with tante Made to not have to high ‘pompadour’ and a big synthetic hair bun that Javanese bride always has. And she granted my request properly. I think the ceremony is the most important and sacred moment of the whole wedding process, where both Damar and I should be a feeling a little nervous. And not being confident does not make the situation any better. Thus, being comfortable with our selves and confident with everything we wear is foremost. That is why, choosing the right vendors to work together and deliver the expectations is vital.

Alhamdulillah, the ijab qabul went smoothly. Damar apparently was less nervous than I was. The moment when Damar said the words, happy tears were bursting. I was very moved by the minute my dad officially gave me away to another man. Subsequently happy and smiling from ear to ear to have another amazing man in my family. Moreover because everything happened witnessed by my family 100th years Rumah Joglo (type of traditional vernacular house of the Javanese people made of teak tree).

After the Islamic married procession successfully took place, the ceremony continued with Panggih. Panggih in Javanese means to meet, is a traditional cultural event held after the ceremony. Meaning that the newly married couple can live their domestic life with a happy and prosperous accompanied by the blessing of both parents and relatives. This ceremony is usually performed at the bride’s house which is my house. I love this part of the wedding, felt very sacred and traditional. I felt like I was a real pure Javanese woman 🙂

Supplies used in this ceremony are: Banana, 3 kinds of flowers: roses, jasmine and magnolia, etc. Kembar Mayang is a series of decoration consisting of palm leaves, especially foliage is plugged into a banana tree leaves which are arranged in the shape of the mountain, a dagger, whip, umbrella, grasshoppers and birds. There is also a banyan leaves, pineapple, jasmine, rice, cotton, cengkir. The significance of those are so that the life of the bride and groom are well and do not encounter obstacles and barriers so quickly to achieve happiness in life. Gantal (betel leaf that has been tied by a thread). Ranupada (washing feet) consisting scoop, bowl, tray, flowers and eggs for the event sritaman ngindak endog. Rice, coins, seeds, bags of cloth, fabric for tablecloths for Kacar Kucur. Rice and side dishes for Dulangan/Feeding each other. The below slideshow is kind of in order on how the procession happened.

Nice to have everything documented and to be able to flashback. That is the main reason I write it down here.

To one month and forever…..

Review Vendor Surabaya (AKAD)

  1. Venue: Rumah Joglo Keluarga Imron (5 stars) Rumah ini merupakan peninggalan nenek moyang kami dari sisi Bapak. Bapak memindahkan rumah ini dari desa beliau di Pati, Jawa Tengah. Saya sangat beruntung bisa menikah disaksikan dengan saksi bisu rumah ini.
  2. Catering: Hidayah Catering (reviewed in here)
  3. Dekorasi: Mitra Flower (reviewed in here)
  4. Make up: Tante Made dari Sanggar Mirapuri (5 stars) Tante Made sangat tidak memaksakan kehendaknya dan beliau dapat memadukan sifat kekunoan dengan kekinian. Dengan sifat keibuan tante Made, saya merasa tenang di make up-in dan mempercayakan segala sesuatu ke tante Made. Harganya juga sangat terjangkau, jauh dari komersialitasan jaman sekarang. Terasa sekali kehati-hatian dan ketulusan dari make up yang dibuat.
  5. Busana Akad putih: Ibu Daud  (5 stars) Bu Daud sukses sekali membuat busana yang pas dan cocok dengan ukuran saya walaupun saya tidak disana. Sekali fitting langsung pas 🙂 Alhamdulillah
  6. Busana Panggih hitam beludru: Tante Made dari Sanggar Mirapuri
  7. Fotografer: (reviewed in here)
  8. Videography: Paper Pic (reviewed in here)

Akad Nikah – Javanese Traditional Ceremony

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