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Welcome 2012

31st December 2011 - 3 min read

It’s 10.30 pm, meaning it’s 1.5 hours to 2012!
How excited is that.
Eventhough I celebrate mine from inside the hotel, got sick, I’m happy nevertheless. I thank God to let me have a time with my family surrounded. What’s happier than being around beloved ones? that’s the true happiness.

I was planning to embrace this new year’s vibe underneath Galata bridge by having some seafood with family. But truth is, they are all now laying in bed sleeping and snoring LOL! I will have to force them to wake up!

Looking back throughout 2011. I guess, I can not be really satisfied with all I am getting and have got until this second I breath. There are things that I still need to pursue!! like millions of them.
Nonetheless, loads of things have changed and grown. I, myself turn to 20’s age and attempting hardly in being more mature than ever. I wish I have become those kind of person by this time and will keep trying.

Let’s reveal my resolution for next year. I could say as simple as to be a better person and that’s it. But there will be no achievement without clear details of objectives and dreams. Hence, there you go…

– Keep grounded
– More engaged with the Almighty
– Giving and sharing to whom in need
– Get a part time job in my fave stores in The Hague city center (COS)
– Be smoothly passing through all challenges ahead (career, love, study), certainly equipped by endeavours
– Save up for next trips
– A trip to ITALY!!!!
– Nurture my skills, spread worldwide (I wish!), and working on it
– Be more environmental friendly!!! reduce my use of plastic bags and water… it’s essentially valuable
– Be happier, less whining and worrying
– Read more books and histories of regions in the world
– Learn Dutch !!!!

Qila says ‘eppi Nyu Yir’

Let’s scratch and see what will I achieve by the end of 2012 🙂
Have a fabulous year ahead for everyone !!!
Much loveeeee

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