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Dimensi Lain Bernama Indonesia part 2

1st December 2015 - 4 min read

I am celebrating almost a year of my Indonesia journey occurred last December. This post dedicates to recall the beautiful moment I spent with my family. I told a lot about my boyfriend – now ex boyfriend – but not so much about my family. And I promised toΒ  continue writing about my trip as the part 2 of Dimensi Lain Bernama Indonesia part 1. So here you go…

It has always been my dream and my life goal to make my parents happy. Can not do a lot, but at least I wanted to take my parents to a short getaway trip, to have a quality with them and relax together. Although such thing can’t really happen when my mom is around πŸ˜› πŸ˜› I had planned this along the way, after I booked my flight, I immediately asked my dad for some destination options. The options that time were Madura, Bali, and Banyuwangi in which my dad decided for Banyuwangi because he knows someone from a group he is currently in, called Friendship Force International. This ‘bapak’ is also an active member of the organization. He is a photographer who happens to own a ecolodge called Baloeran Ecolodge. He is passionate about wildlife in East Java and he’s the permanent residence of Baluran National Park, meaning he stays for days or weeks inside the park or Savanna area to catch momentum. He succeeded in capturing many rare events, the presence of White Tiger and Panther as well as Tiger, a fight between Eagles, etc. They are all hanging in the wall of his Ecolodge. Him and the Ecoledge is super recommended, staying there giving the feeling of being local. It felt like home complete with the local wisdom from the residents around.

We took a short flight to Banyuwangi airport called Blimbingsari. SUPER TINY airport, smallest I have ever seen. We literally walked not even 50 meter to get to the parking lot. But I believe a good thing comes in a small packages, the airport is new, and I am certain Banyuwangi has a lot of potentials especially from tourism. What I like about going with locals (Om Nurdin himself guided us throughout the whole journey), we’d be shown non mainstream place. Like the one below:








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