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17th January 2014 - 3 min read

Here are my resolutions of the year… 

*it is indefinite and changable :p masih labil….
-Resolutions and Commitments for 2014-
General points
1.    Be accountable for my own life. If I don’t like something, I have two choices, accept it or change it.
2.    Let go of thinking I am not where I should be. I am right where I need to be to get to where I want to go, so start asking I am where I want to go.
3.    Let go of self-hate. I am not the shape of your body or the number on the scale. Who am I matter, and the world needs me as I am. Celebrate me!
4.    Let go of the fear of the unknown; take one small step and watch the path reveal itself
5.    Finish one thing to move on to another!! Committed!!
6.    Breath better, inhale love, exhale gratitude
7.    Compassion, love and smile to others… Be generous to other people and give more!
8.   Love myself enough to not be bundled with sadness, anger, disappointment, etx

Watch movie and read books more!! 1 book a month!
Write at least once a week/ a month…About anything, life, love, struggle, sadness, disappointment
Be an inspiration to others!
Going to Andalusia, Portugal, Hungary, UK, Indo??
Learn to dive dive!! Sulawesi tenggara (buton)
Ride a horse
Make a single cover 
Do some voluntarily work in NGO!!!!!!!
Not going back to Indonesia for good!! – other words, get a job!
Achieve certification before April
Learn excel and expert in operating it before February
Making a proper business proposal and eventually business plan for 2016
Body and Soul
One day at least 5 pages of Alquran
Khatam Alquran before March
Meditation once a day
Planking, sun salutation, and sit up a day
Making a nice video to remark the milestone with the loved one about constant reminder, encouragement and inspiration on how to live life… Should be delivered before Valentine’s day! 
Crocheting beanie untuk bhara dan adeknya Aqila
Puasa sunnah more!

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