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J’adore Paris

28th July 2011 - 3 min read
We had so much fun in Paris.
The places we visited were the most crucial to be seen by tourist (like me :p).
Every time I came visit, there’s always a different and indescribable sense about Paris.
I love nearly everything about this city. The building, venue, shopping centre, mall, department stores, restaurant, and not forget to mention, the most important part, is the citizen.
By the citizen, I mean the people living there with their irregular sexy accent. However, they do not bother starting conversation or even answering in English. Thank God, there was a guardian angel named Ipa 🙂 He speaks French fluently and knows pretty much little things about France, so when we were suddenly stranded in a place nowhere, had no idea where to go, what vehicles to take, he could easily ask, and voila, we are back on the right track ! Alhamdulillah…
Anywayss.. always good to hear the sound of people talking French next to me, especially when it’s your boyfriend whom I adore. I’m thrilled !
Followed by unplanned journey, we did not really have intention to visit a particular, except the Eiffel Tower (of course!). We just adhered what’s in mind atm, hence unluckily some of what we wanted to see were closed already! But doesn’t matter, we could always just snap a bit picture outside which shown a clue that we’ve been there. That cheers us up 🙂
Enjoy the pictures !

Toodles !

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