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7th November 2017 - 3 min read

In every trip I made, I learnt more and more about the importance of showing my gratitude towards the universe

Showing the gratitude by admiring it

Showing the gratitude by being kind to it

The nature has given us so much but we merely take

It might seem so selfish, because we don’t give

It’s okay not to give, but don’t harm

We ought not to take it for granted

For that I say gratitude, for that I say thank you

I feel that it is good to once in a while engage and be present in nature. It’s almost like a body call that is longing for earth fulfillment. It seems like it knows other options world has other than being trapped in concrete, walls, tiles and other worldly materials. It needs a relieve, it needs time to breath freely with no intervention of chaotic mind.

Get lost in nature and you’ll find yourself

Nature always successfully brings me back to myself. I am a believer of the connection between human and nature. It is a place I go when I feel like getting lost within me. I myself feel that I listen better in the middle of nature. When I feel distracted by all the worldly thoughts and could not concentrate, all I do is taking a deep breath and slowly but sure, I will start listening better to my surroundings, the bird chirping, the breeze, the leaf blown by wind. Next, I will listen better to myself. Next, I will only take the positivity and toss the negativity out of my mind. Next I will love myself better.

Engage with nature is a way to love myself.

Do it good..

When you are good to it, it will do good to you.


Have you heard about the concept? Earthing is taking the power of the earth through its electron to reduce inflammation and improve health. It connects the energy of the planet that is supposedly healthy for our souls and bodies. We all wear shoes with non-conductive (usually rubber) soles that insulate our bodies from the earth. Once in a while, be barefeet. Let those infinite supply of electrons in earth naturally flow between the earth and the body, reducing free radicals and eliminating any static electrical charge. It could cure everything from inflammation and arthritis to insomnia and depression. When I make time to go outside, I try my best to ‘earth’ or ‘ground’ with no medium in my feet. Just barefeet..

Once again, we take advantage from nature. Or I’d rather say, we engage with nature as for we are part of it.

Make a peace with it…

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